Drive Performance Upgrade – Solid State Drive (SSD) Cloning

Drive Performance Upgrade - Solid State Drive (SSD) Cloning

Computer running slower than you think it should? Odds are it is, even if you just got it! On most modern computers the bottleneck isn’t in the processor or memory, it’s your Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

The HDD is the device in your computer which everything is stored on. This includes your precious photos and documents, your installed software and programs, and most importantly the Windows operating system itself. HDD's have been the go-to choice for storage in consumer PC's since their inception. However in the present day software, programs, and Windows itself are constantly in demand for more speed. The HDD's disk spinning design reached it's limit in speed years ago, and so just isn't cutting it anymore.

The fix is simple, a new modern Solid State Drive (or SSD for short). These drives use flash storage instead of a physical spinning disk. This means no waiting for the disk to spin up, but instead basically instantaneous data access!

With our migration software, you won’t lose any data or programs when upgrading to an SSD. In fact, you won’t notice anything has even changed; except for the speed of course! How much of a speed boost can you expect? Coming from a standard Hard Disk Drive, an immediate and lasting 5x increase! Booting up, restarting, and shutting shown in a fraction of the time. Applications launch seemingly instantaneously. We're talking serious speed here!

There's no better way to give a new life to your old computer or to get your new computer running at top notch!

Technology is moving fast and so should your computer.

Starting at $100* for 240GB** SSD Upgrade Service!

* Hardware pricing changes daily, and sometimes every hour. Contact us for the latest pricing!

** Please verify with us how much storage you need. If you are unsure, we can take a look at your current drive and find out how much current usage you have and/or make a sensible choice based on how you personally intend to use your computer.

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